Founded on an appreciation for the individualized creative process, we value how inclusivity informs and guides content creation.


Logistics play a large part of your creative functionality. A Muse helps make your creativity a strength to grow your business and career.


Empowering independent workers in the creative field is our goal. When you trust yourself as a leader of your creative field, the entire industry moves forward.



Creatives require a business style that compliments their individual disposition. We trust your instinct when it comes to your industry role. We can help guide your intuition to tangible action.


We work with entertainment industry artists, creatives, and media professionals because we like how you think. We know you’re the ones who see hundreds of paths when others see only a few.


We believe in artistic and creative equity and show it by working with independent freelancers, especially underrepresented voices in entertainment so that everyone has a seat at the table.


Empowering Entertainment Arts & Media Creatives

90-Day Operations Review

The balance between content creation and management is essential to growing your brand, whether you’re an independent professional or company. We offer a holistic review of the business of you, so you can optimize strengths and reinforce areas where you need help. We’ll guide you through your progress and even give you a custom manual for your business to keep you on track to success.

Cost Reduction

We work with your business style to create uniquely tailored plans for your talent’s operating costs. When artists and creatives spend smarter, tangible growth is possible.

Project Managing

We provide a la carte project managing services for content creators. From pre-production to launch, we can help get and keep you organized.

Strategy Consulting

We understand sometimes you got this and may just need one or a few consults to get your plans and goals in order. We’re happy to provide one-off consults so you can bounce your ideas off the experience and knowledge of industry we can provide.

Brand Development

Let us help you develop the brand of your talent. From guiding the establishment of your brand’s goal to connecting you to graphic designers and outsourced hires to build your brand, we can help your content and you get the visibility your unique perspective deserves.

More Services

Book your free intro consult today and find out how A Muse Consulting can best help you, your business, your brand, and the evolution of your talent.


A Muse Consulting was founded by artist Sonia Montez with the purpose of helping fellow artists in the business aspects of their careers, and guide them toward gaining the confidence to claim their worth within the multi-billion dollar U.S. entertainment industry.

Having spent 15+ years as a self-sustained entertainment industry professional, Sonia well understood the hardships and obstacles faced by artist and artist companies. In her own business, Sonia took on almost every role at one point or another. She was a content creator, hired talent, bookkeeper, compliance officer, graphic designer, copywriter, and pr; even negotiating one of the highest payouts for an unsigned songwriter with Universal Hong Kong. Sonia then began helping friends organize themselves with publishing and intellectual property protection. Word spread and soon she was contacted to help with strategizing brand development, social media management & analytics, and operational logistics.

Sonia realized that many of her friends and peers, who were well-studied, employed, and inspiring in their crafts, didn’t quite know how to be business owners. Even though their content was exploited for profit, they were routinely left out economically and in social/industry equity from profit gain. She set out to change that. With A Muse Consulting, Sonia acts as an impartial business health trainer for artists to empower them on their journey to success.