Holistic operations solutions customized to your unique skill and talent. No leadership programs to buy into.


25+ years in the entertainment/arts and food/beverage service industries, working with small and large independent professionals and companies.


We'll work with you to enforce a strong business foundation from which opportunity can grow. 


A Muse Consulting offers boutique admin and business operations consulting services for entertainment/media arts and food/beverage industries. Our collective 25+ years of industry experience is put to work identifying issues which are unique to business owners whose business is talent. For entertainment and media production professionals and companies, we help create efficient workflows which complement your business style; understanding that imposing predefined systems on creative people doesn't work, instead we guide building operations which go with the grain of your team's creativity, not against it. For food and beverage concept owners, we review and reform from the inside out, including front of house, back of house, and administrative operations; assisting in the implementation of customer success plans, team building, management training, and restructuring of FoH/BoH procedures to empower you to run an effective business.

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